Sri Lanka ETA for Dutch Citizens

Apply for Sri Lanka ETA from Netherlands

Dutch citizens have one of the strongest passports in the world, meaning they often don’t require a visa before visiting a country. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka is not one of those countries. However, thanks to an update from their tourism office with regards to their visa application process, Dutch passport holders are now able to apply for and receive approval to travel to Sri Lanka from the comforts of their home.

The Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is an electronic approval system, which negates the need to either visit a consulate or embassy or wait in long lines for a visa on arrival. Thanks to a straightforward application process, as well as a fast turnaround time, getting approval to visit Sri Lanka is quick and easy, leaving Dutch travelers more time to plan their stay among the island nation’s amazing beaches, delicious local cuisine, and gorgeous natural features.

Is Sri Lanka visa needed for Dutch citizens?

Every Dutch citizen who intends on traveling to Sri Lanka must have pre-approval to do so in the form of either a visa or an ETA. The type of approval required will be dependent on what type of travel the visa holder is doing, as well as how long they intend on being in the country.

ETA Types

There are three different types of ETAs that Dutch citizens who are planning their trip to Sri Lanka are eligible to apply for:

  • The Business ETA is valid for a period of 180 days from the date of issue. The business ETA allows for stays of up to a total of up to 20 days in Sri Lanka. The business ETA allows for multiple entries into Sri Lanka, provided that the final entry is within the initial 30 days and the total number of days does not exceed the allotted 20
  • The Transit ETA is valid for 180 days from the date it is issued. The transit ETA is given only under circumstances when the traveler does not need to exit the airport as it does not grant permission to do so. The transit ETA is only valid for two days, meaning the traveler must have a connecting flight departing Sri Lanka within 48 hours of arrival
  • The Tourist ETA is valid for 180 days from the time it is issued to the traveler. It grants the traveler 30 days to stay inside of Sri Lanka and each traveler is allowed to exit and re-enter the country one time provided that the second entry takes place within the initial 30 days

Note: Passports must have a minimum of 180 days of validity from the date of entry into Sri Lanka no matter what type of visa or ETA the traveler holds.

Sri Lanka visa document requirements for Dutch citizens

Dutch travelers who are looking to apply to any of the ETAs listed above are required to provide a few extra documents and details in addition to their Dutch passport with at least 180 days of validity on it.

  • A valid email address must be provided as all correspondence regarding the ETA will be entirely online. The ETA itself will also be sent electronically so an email address is imperative
  • A debit or credit card must be provided so that the one-time visa fee can be paid. It is important to remember that the fee is non-refundable, meaning if the ETA is denied for whatever reason, there will be no refund
  • A scanned copy of the passport information page

How to Apply for the Sri Lanka Visa from the Netherlands?

All Dutch passport holders who wish to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA can find the application here. The application will ask that you provide basic information such as your first and last name, your date of birth, and your current address.

It is crucial that Dutch citizens understand their reason for visiting Sri Lanka as it will affect which type of ETA or visa they apply for. ETAs are only valid for purposes of leisure, transit, travel, and business. Any Dutch person who is interested in visiting Sri Lanka for religious or humanitarian purposes must apply for a specific visa at their local embassy or consulate.

Once the ETA has been granted via email, it is necessary to print out a hard copy and carry it with you. Sri Lankan border authorities will ask you to provide the physical copy of the ETA and match it to their digital records. They may also ask to see proof of funds for your trip as well as proof of onward journey from Sri Lanka.

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